Saving Money on Shooting Local Productions

When a news show, a corporation, a non-profit, or a business wants to capture a story, seminar, or event at a particular location, travel costs for equipment and crews can be expensive. It also takes time and effort to make arrangements, schedule flights, and book accommodations. Companies can save a lot of money on productions by hiring local experienced video crews atlanta, DC camera crews, or crews in most major cities around the world. Commercials, documentaries, news specials, and independent films can all be shot at a fraction of the cost of sending a film crew to any number of locations. It also allows production in multiple locations simultaneously.


Experienced freelance talent is matched up to client needs by management teams at each location. Booking is easy and fast so people can concentrate on the content of the production, rather than the production filming. Small or large production projects are accommodated, and free quotes are available. The process begins with the clients being assigned production managers to oversee filming. Managers get all the information regarding the production filming needs, the goals, and the location specifics. They then select a crew that best matches the needs for a particular shoot. Managers help with call times, logistics, and any further needs for filming. Follow up after the filming is also completed by managers to ensure client satisfaction.

Video camera operators use the latest equipment and technology, and have a minimum of ten years of experience behind the camera. A complete list of equipment, as well as demonstration reels of completed projects are on the website. The professional talent available locally is utilized by over half of Fortune 500 companies. Crews have also been hired for government productions, training videos, commercials, non-profit events, and broadcast productions. Crews are award winning production teams that can enhance the entire project while saving companies money on productions. The company provides crews in all major cities around the world. Their capabilities include last minute bookings, scheduled filming, and specific crews upon request. It is possible to use the same crew for all filming in one area. Simply request them when calling for a booking